Legal Support upon Arrest


 Legal Support upon Arrest

Should you wish to receive legal support after being arrest, please read carefully the following instruction and complete the necessary steps, so that the legal support team can successfully document your personal information. Please first DRAFT an SMS message to 5164 2048 (Admirtly) or 5519 1797  (Wan Chai/Causeway Bay) or 9146 3653 (Kowloon).

Include the followings in the message:

1. State clearly you are about to get arrested,

2. District you are in,

3. Chinese and Englidh name in full,

4. Age,

5. Gender,

6. Tel. No., and

7. ID card no.

Only send the draft message when you are about to be arrested to 51642048 (Admiralty) or 55191797  (Wan Chai/Causeway Bay) or 9146 3653 (Kowloon).

The legal support team will be wearing green T-shirts with “Legal Support upon Arrest”. “Ask them if you need assistance.

5 Things You Should Remember When You Are Arrested

When the Police say, “You can remain in silence, but whatever you say will be recorded and may be used as evidence.” No matter you are on the street or at the police station, please remember:

1. Do Not Chat With The Police

Police will not be your friends. Yet whatever you talk to them can be used for their search of evidence. Therefore when you are arrested, please bear in mind to remain silent.

2. Do Not Sign Anything Until Your Lawyer Arrive

When the lawyer has not come, it is not necessary for you to reply to any questions other than your name. Please do not misunderstand that you can be dismissed by signing whatever they give you.

3. You Have The Right To Remain Silence

If the police would like to record oral confession, you are entitled to say “I have nothing to say.”

4. Double Check Police Record After The Recording of Confession

After the recording of confession, even if you have not said anything, please make sure they record you saying “I have nothing to say.” You are also entitled to edit if there are any discrepancies from what you have said actually.

5. Do remember to get a copy of your confession.